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All products are required to be marked in order to trace the production date or batch code in the case of quality related issues. Also, Best Before dates provide the consumer with a guideline to establish whether the product still falls within the supplier Use Before date as it was intended for safe use or consumption. For product coding, identification and batch numbering equipment, H.G. Molenaar represents Videojet, as the most successful provider of coding solutions across all industries, with more than 275 000 coding systems installed worldwide.

videojet-logoThe range includes systems across a wide range of technologies. To select the most appropriate technology to suit our customers needs, we can choose from continuous ink jet (CIJ), thermal transfer overprinting (TTO), large character coding (DOD), label applicators/label printer applicators and laser coding technologies. We can provide marking, bar coding and labelling solutions for any application without being restricted to one technology.





A comprehensive range of conveyors and elevators is manufactured in stainless steel or epoxy coated mild steel or aluminium. Belting: Intralox Plastic modular, slatband, rope, knuckle, gripper, roller or PVC depending on application. Reliable geared motor units.


Innovative Intralox ARB (Activated Roller Belt) technology

H.G. Molenaar is licensed to manufacture conveyors using this type of belt for carton or tray handling. The technology eliminates the need for pneumatic pusher devices which cause carton damage and safety concerns when transferring trays and boxes at ninety degrees.

H.G. Molenaar are experts in providing turnkey lines by integrating various equipment linked by conveyors and providing the relevant electrical line control.


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