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Liquid Processing

In addition to our materials handling expertise, H.G. Molenaar has the necessary in-house skills to position us as leaders in the field of Liquid Processing in hygienic food applications.

Our expertise and equipment enables us to offer complete systems for both primary extraction, pulping and refining as well as further of juices, pulps and purees from a diverse range of fruit and vegetables. Such products invariably involve thermal processing, and we can offer solutions for Batch, plate heat exchanger or tubular form for flash pasteurization, sterilization or evaporation as well as various filling options. Our attention to detail has seen us successfully handle projects for a number of soup and sauce preparation kitchens.

To date, the clients we have custom designed and built cooking stations for include: Spur Central Kitchens, McCains and Heinz, amongst others.

In response to increased demand, H.G. Molenaar now also supply turnkey naturally fermented systems for potable alcohol as well as bio-fuel products. We are able to marry specific requirements to customized workable solutions – including fermentation, distillation, storage and blending, bottling and packaging and CIP. For full solution projects, we include in our scope of supply the required utilities such as steam, cooling water, air, and power/control systems.

H.G. Molenaar is also able to deliver solutions for powder handling and treatment systems, including: storage, transfer, spray drying, instantisation and agglomeration.

So, whether it’s rum, tomato sauce or ketchup, mayonnaise, juices, purees or water, let our professional approach and experience be of benefit to you. We can offer you a tailored solution specifically designed to meet your requirements and your budget.